Due to the growing attendance at Anime Expo and increased demand for autographs from Guests of Honor, we are expanding our autograph area and updating our policies. A quick summary of the changes are below:

  • Autograph tickets will no longer be handed out at Guest of Honor panels
  • Raffles for autograph vouchers will be discontinued
  • Autograph Ticket Booth (to be located West Hall) will become one central location to distribute a limited number of autograph tickets
  • No one may stand in line for an autograph without a ticket
  • Standby lines will also require a ticket
  • Premier Fans do not get front-of-line privileges for autograph ticket distribution or for autograph sessions
  • Autograph Area moving to Kentia Hall
  • Autograph Area expanding to allow for special guests (not Guests of Honor) to hold paid autograph sessions.

Things that are not changing:

  • Guests of Honor will continue to hold autograph sessions at no extra charge to attendees.

Please click here to read the full autograph policy.