Hironobu Sakaguchi, best known as the creator of Final Fantasy, and Kimihiko Fujisaka, video game character designer/ artist, will be joining the AX 2017 Guest of Honor line-up!

Both Sakaguchi and Fujisaka will be participating in a panel, as well as autograph sessions throughout the weekend (schedule TBA).

About Hironobu Sakaguchi

Sakaguchi is the father of one of the greatest role-playing game franchises of our era, Final Fantasy, which has topped 100 million units worldwide. Since forming his studio Mistwalker Corporation, Sakaguchi has developed “Blue Dragon,” “Lost Odyssey,” “The Last Story,” and “Terra Battle.” Endearingly called “Hige (Moustache),” by his colleagues and fans, he hasn’t stopped building new ideas and concepts. Recognized for his work globally, he is also the recipient of the Hall of Fame Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (2000) and the Lifetime Achievement Award from GDC (2015).

About Kimihiko Fujisaka

Fujisaka started his career at a video game company straight out of graduate school, where he studied industrial design. With several successful games under his belt, he is now Mistwalker’s lead artist and designer. He has designed several iconic characters and worlds, including that from “Drakengard,” “The Last Story,” “Bakumatsu Rock” and “Terra Battle.” The intricate yet grand world-settings Fujisaka creates has attracted thousands of fans around the world.


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