2020 Badge Refund / Rollover FAQ

This FAQ covers questions regarding the 2020 Badge Refund & Rollover Information. Please note this process only applies to general attendee badge types (4-Day, 1-Day, Child, and Premier Fan).

Deadline to Request a Refund: May 31, 2020 @ 11:59 PM PT.



Q: If I choose to rollover my badge, do I have to pay the price difference if the badge price is higher for 2021?

A: Nope! If you opt to rollover your badge, then you’ll be all set for AX 2021!


Q: I bought a child badge for 2020 but they will no longer be eligible for a child badge in 2021. What do I do?

A: You can either request a refund now and purchase a 4-day badge for 2021 when they become available, or you can upgrade the child badge to a 4-day badge at a later date.


Q: I did not receive a confirmation email when I submitted my refund request. Was I supposed to?

A: No. You will only receive a confirmation from Eventbrite once your refund has been fully processed. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive that confirmation.


Q: Will I get a confirmation email for my rollover badge?

A: We will be sending out confirmation emails to everyone who opts to rollover their badge at a later date.


Q: Can I change the name on my 2020 badge?

A: No, name changes are not permitted at this time.


Q: I want to rollover my badge, but my shipping address will be different next year. How can I change my shipping address?

A: You will be able to change your shipping address at a later date. The deadline for address changes will be announced at a later date as well.


Q: I want to roll over my 1-day badge, but the dates are different for 2021. Which day will my badge count towards for 2021? Can I change to a different day?

A:  If you are not satisfied with the automatic transfer of your 1-day badge due to the different show days for 2021, you will be able to request a transfer to a different day or an upgrade at a later date.


Q: Can I upgrade my 2020 badge? 

A: 1-day badges can be upgraded to a 4-day badge at a later date. Information about Premier Fan 2021 badges is not available at this time.


Q: When can I buy badges for 2021?

A: 2021 registration will be available at a later date. Please follow our social media and/or subscribe to our email blasts to be the first to know!


Q: Will Premier Fan badges be available for 2021?

A: Information about Premier Fan 2021 badges is not available at this time.


Don't see your question here? Please contact us at registration@anime-expo.org.

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