Anime Expo is celebrating our 30th anniversary next year, and we kicked off the festivities with our 30th Anniversary Fanart Contest! For the contest, we invited our community of artists and creatives to submit an original fanart featuring any of our mascots. We were absolutely amazed by all of the cleverness and artistry we got to see! We received over 60 entries from all around the world, and each fanart was so unique and wonderful!

We announced our winners in a YouTube video premiere, where our host and judges introduced the five winner selections and discussed their favorite parts about each one. Check it out below!

Thank you to all of our talented artists for joining us in this anniversary celebration, and thank you to everyone who shared the word and voted! With further ado, here are the winning pieces!


Congratulations to all of our winners! Each winner will receive more information about their copy of Clip Studio Paint, provided by Graphixly.