Cosplay Senpai

Leading by example through positivity and acceptance.

Anime Expo is a strong advocate for the idea that Cosplay is all about having fun! No matter your race, faith, gender, sexuality, identity, age, or level of experience, Cosplay is for any and everyone!

The Cosplay Senpai Program hand selects Cosplayers that have supported the community with positivity both online and at conventions and they are invited to the Cosplay Senpai Program to further influence the community with fun, passion, and acceptance through panels and discussions. When they are not at a workshop or panel, they can always be found in the Entertainment Hall, ready to answer questions, give advice, and talk to attendees.

Anime Expo Cosplay Senpais are typically found…
· Giving back to the community by providing tutorials or other resources.
· Promoting positivity online through meaningful dialogue about a variety of topics.
· Actively engaging with the cosplay community in-person and online.
· Maintaining a family-friendly feel with their representation through photos and content that would be comparable to a PG rating.

Deadline to Apply February 9, 2024 at 11:59PM


2024 Cosplay Senpai To be Announced.

Examples of Past Panels

Cosplay Senpai Round Table

The art of building a Cosplay following can be daunting. But have no fear, for your Senpai are here! Come join our fantastic Cosplay Senpai to learn about establishing your social media presence as a Cosplayer and more!

Editing Your Own Cosplay Photos!

Presented by 2023 Senpai Jahara Jayde
Want to level up your cosplay photos but can’t always afford a photographer? learn how to take and edit your own photos in Adobe Lightroom!

Wig Styling 101

Presented by 2023 Senpai NipahDUBS
From basic anime protag to Square Enix character, learn how to get those gravity-defying spikes while also learning the very basics and essentials of wig styling! With a live demonstration each step of the way, join Nipah as he teaches you the basics of how to get your wig ready for your cosplays debut!

Giant Robot Costumes with UbersCosplay

Presented by 2023 Senpai UbersCosplay
Have you ever wanted to take your cosplay further and create a costume of one of anime's various famous giant robots? In this panel Mecha Cosplayer extraordinaire Uberscosplay gives an in-depth how-to for your own city stomping robot suit. All aspects of the build are covered from planning and material choices to travel considerations needed when creating and transporting a truly larger than life costume. At the end of the panel a Gundam Cosplay Helmet will be raffled off.

Previous Senpai


VEGA Cosplay, Jahara Jayde, NipahDUBS, Aicosu, UbersCosplay


Echow Ecko, Jihatsu, Nomes Cosplay, Kaye Cosplay, Nyanbifairy, Project NAUTILUS, Phil Mizuno


Amber Arden, Amber Kohaku Chan, Jihatsu, Kaye Cosplay, Kiss a Frog Cosplay, Little Sprite Cosplay, Nipah, Peyton Cosplay, Phil Mizuno, and Utahime


Amber Arden, Amber Kohaku Chan, Joo Skellington, Kiss a Frog Cosplay (Alicia Renaé), Little Sprite Cosplay, QueersPlay, Steff Von Schweetz, Utahime


Amber Arden, Corgi Cosplay, Dustbunny, Kiss a Frog Cosplay, Little Sprite Cosplay, Queersplay, Steff Von Schweetz, Stella Chuu


Stella Chuu, Dustbunny, Joshua Hart, WindoftheStars, Aicosu, VAMPY BIT ME, Garnet Runstar, Steff Von Schweetz, Corgi Cosplay, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Queersplay


Aicosu, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Chubear, Dustbunny, Futange, Garnet Runestar, Kiba the Corgi, VAMPY BIT ME, WindoftheStars


Aicosu, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Futange, Giada Robin, VAMPY BIT ME, WindoftheStars

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