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Anime Expo 2017 - Crunchyroll Industry PanelGeorge Wada (President of WIT STUDIO) and Norihiro Naganuma (Director of The Ancient Magus' Bride) sit down with fans at Crunchyroll's A Glimpse Inside The Ancient Magus’ Bride panel at Anime Expo 2017.


Get to know the companies behind your favorite anime, video games, manga, and more!


At Industry Panels, attendees have the chance to check out the latest properties from our wide range of industry leaders, as well as participate in Q&A sessions, watch exclusive sneak peeks and trailers, and participate in giveaways. It’s the best way to get an in-depth preview of each company’s upcoming year, and our industry partners can’t wait to see you there!

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Examples of Past Panels

Sentai Filmworks Industry Panel

Can you keep a secret? We hope not! Come to the Sentai Filmworks industry panel to be the first to know about all the exciting things we have planned for you.

Funimation Presents: My Hero Academia Panel

The hero obsession is back in session with more action, heroes and quirks. Meet the Chief Animation Director Yoshihiko Umakoshi and English voice actor Christopher R. Sabat, the voice of All Might (also the voice of Vegeta). Â Join us we discuss season two, see live character drawings, watch new clips, Q&A session, giveaway prizes and more.

Meet the Creators of Yuri!!! on ICE

Yes, you read that title correctly! Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo, the co-creators of Yuri!!! On ICE, are here with other members of the creative staff to discuss the beloved series that took the anime world by storm.

Shonen Jump Presents: The Official JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Panel

It's the hit manga and anime series with more excitement and outrageousness than you can... STAND! Join your friends from VIZ Media for a celebration of this epic manga and anime series with special guests, the latest news and maybe even some surprizes! Get ready to pose and unleash your power at the official JOJO's BIZARRE ADVENTURE panel.

Be our Confidant! An Evening of Fun with the Persona 5 Localization Team and Voice Actors

Can’t get enough of Persona 5? Join us for an evening of fun with the Persona 5 panel at Anime Expo for some behind-the-scenes details about the game, skits with the voice actors, goodies for panel attendees, and more!

Fate Grand Order Launch Celebration

Are you ready to save humanity and take part in the greatest Holy Grail War? Join Aniplex of America as we celebrate the release of the highly anticipated mobile game Fate Grand Order!

Overwatch Voice Actors Panel

Overwatch’s lead writer Michael Chu joins voice actors Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra), Charlet Chung (D.Va), Fred Tatasciore (Soldier: 76), Jonny Cruz (Lucio) and Keith Silverstein (Tjorborn) for an hour of Q&A. Come join the fun and chat with some of your favorite voices from Blizzard Entertainment’s award winning game!

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