Ticketing FAQ

Some events at Anime Expo require an additional ticket to attend.

If you are planning to attend a Ticketed Event at Anime Expo, please be sure to read all relevant event policies regarding pick-up, will-call, and other procedures. Please be aware that policies may vary between events, especially when they take place in different venues.

Important Ticket Info

Badge vs. Ticket: What is the difference between a badge and a ticket?

  • Badge: The first thing you need to attend Anime Expo.
  • Ticket: Some events during Anime Expo may also require a ticket, in addition to a badge. These are called, “Ticketed Events.”
    • Ticketed Events include, but may not be limited to:
    • If you’re interested in attending these events, you can buy your tickets online ahead of time or you can purchase them onsite at the Ticketing Booth, based on availability.

What to Bring: Convention Center/JW Marriott Events


  • Anime Expo Badge valid for the day of the event
  • Event ticket, which can be one of the following:
    • Showclix E-Ticket, attached to confirmation email
    • QR code via mobile device
    • Ticket purchased at Ticketing Booth
    • Wristband that is worn securely on the wrist (for 18+ events)

What to Bring: Microsoft Theater / The NOVO


  • Anime Expo badge that is valid for the day of the event (Event policies may vary)
  • Event Ticket or Wristband (MUST be picked up at Will Call at the Ticketing Booth)

What to Bring: 18+/21+ Events

  • 18+ EVENTS require a wristband, which can be obtained at any Info Service booths, Event Operations (Room 508, West Hall upper floor), or at the Ticketing Booth.
  • 21+ EVENTS require a valid ID showing your date of birth upon entry.

Event Admission Wristband: General Guidelines

Wristband Policy

Some events may either require a wristband for admission instead of a ticket OR in addition to a ticket if the event has an 18+ age restriction.  When issued a wristband, please refrain from tampering, in any fashion, with wristbands or you may be denied entry.

Event Admission

If a wristband is issued in lieu of a ticket for admission to an event, you will be required to go to Will Call at the Ticketing Booth for pick up.  Lost or stolen event wristbands will not be replaced or refunded.

If issued for a “free” event, wristbands are distributed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, one wristband per attendee.  Also, you must present your Anime Expo attendee badge prior to receiving a wristband so we can:  1) confirm you are an attendee and 2) verify you have the correct badge valid for the day of the event.  Once confirmed, a Ticketing volunteer will apply the wristband on your wrist.

Picking Up a Wristband

  • Event admission wristbands can be picked up at any Will Call station at the Ticketing Booth in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza.
  • Occasionally, some “free” events will have a designated “distribution” time stated depending on the event schedule which will be announced ahead of time.  Therefore, please allow ample time to pick-up your wristband before you need to line up for the event.
  • Once you have your admission wristband, you can enter the event line queue area to wait until doors open.  Please note there is no re-entry once in line and seating is “first-come, first-serve” in the hall.
    • ADA attendees and Premier Fans with an admission wristband may arrive 15-30 minutes before the doors open to receive priority entry.

NOTE:  If your wristband appears to be tampered with in any way upon inspection during load in at the door, a Ticketing or Main Events volunteer has the right to deny entry.  Access Control volunteers and Security will also be present to enforce this policy.

  • Please check the event page for specific information regarding when doors will open and to confirm both the location and start time for the event.


Hours & Location

The Anime Expo Event Ticketing Booth will be open during the convention to accommodate all onsite ticket sales, will call pick up for both tickets, and any associated giveaway items.  Additionally, we provide a Customer Service Station in the Premier Fan Lounge and a Will Call Satellite in front of any offsite venue (i.e., the Microsoft Theater, Novo, Shrine Auditorium, etc.).

See Hours & Maps page for more info.

How to Pick Up Your Ticket

  • Bring your Anime Expo badge, the confirmation email from Showclix (printout or via mobile device) and a valid photo ID showing your date of birth.

    Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who will be required to show a government-issued photo ID, in order to pick up a ticket or wristband. A school ID or birth certificate is not an acceptable form of ID.

  • Go to the Ticketing Booth

    It is highly recommended to pick up your tickets at least 4 hours before the start of the event so that you will have enough time to note the list of restricted items, store belongings and purchases in either your car or bag check, or take care of any other personal business prior to check-in AS WELL AS to allow sufficient time to get in line and go through the security check at the doors to the venue.

  • AX Ticketing Volunteers will issue your ticket or wristband based on event purchased, as well as your bonus item(s).

How to Buy Tickets Onsite

  • Go to the Ticketing Booth

    Types of Payment Accepted: Cash, American Express, Discover Card, Visa, and Mastercard

  • When you get to the counter, tell the AX Ticketing Volunteers which event you’d like to purchase a ticket for.
  • AX Ticketing Volunteers will assist you with the purchasing process and issue you a ticket.

    We highly recommend purchasing tickets online, when possible. As long as the event is not a WILL CALL ticketed event, you will NOT need to visit the Ticketing Booth and stand in line, giving you more time to spend enjoying the convention!


Cancellation Policy

By purchasing a ticket to attend an event hosted by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) at Anime Expo, you agree not to sell or share your ticket or email confirmation.  In the event the SPJA determines in its sole discretion that you have violated this policy, the SPJA can cancel your ticket(s) and keep any money paid by you.  Confirmations and/or tickets that have been sold or provided by anyone other than the SPJA/Anime Expo will not be honored.  The SPJA/Anime Expo reserves the right to refuse admission, service and cancel your ticket(s) at their sole discretion without liability.

You must provide an individual name for each ticket upon purchase and each name must match a valid government-issued photo ID.  If the SPJA determines you have purchased more than one ticket in your name for any event, the SPJA reserves the right to cancel your duplicate ticket(s) and issue you a refund less the processing.

Refund & Exchange Policy

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.  No refunds will be given for missed shows.  See Door Open and Close Policy.

Lost/Stolen Tickets

The ticket purchaser is solely responsible for the tickets purchased.  Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced or refunded.

Child Admission Policy

For most events, children 2 years of age and younger do not require a ticket to be admitted at any ticketed event; however, they must sit on an adult’s lap and may not occupy a seat.  Any child 3 years of age and older will require a ticket to enter the event area or venue and must occupy their ticketed seat only.  Please note that some events may have a different age policy.  Please see the specific event page or contact events@anime-expo.org or come to the Ticketing Booth for further information.

Transfer/Name Change Policy

You may transfer ticket(s) to another person and/or change the names of each ticket holder in the order by logging into your ShowClix account.

Upgrade Policy

The buyer can upgrade their event ticket(s) to a higher priced ticket by doing the following: 1. Purchase the ticket(s) in the higher priced tier, then contact Ticketing (events@anime-expo.org) and provide the following information:

    1.) Buyer’s name and email address used for order

    2.) Order confirmation number and name of lesser priced ticket to be refunded

    3.) New order confirmation number and name of higher priced ticket purchased as an upgrade to original order.

    Once request has been received and information verified, you will receive notification that the original order, or ticket if order consists of multiple tickets, has been cancelled.

Deadline to submit an upgrade request is June 19, 2022.

Wheelchair & Accessible Seating

Limited accessible seating is available at each venue/event location. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for attendees with accessible needs and their companions. Anime Expo attendees purchasing accessible seating may purchase one (1) accessible seat and one (1) companion seat adjacent to the accessible seat. Depending on availability, seats for additional guests will be located as close as possible to the accessible space. This policy ensures that we can provide reasonable accommodation for attendees who require accessible seating. There is limited availability to accommodate other special needs as well. There is no guarantee that companion tickets will remain unsold and available.

For general information on services offered for attendees with disabilities, please read our Reason Accommodations for Attendees with Disabilities Policy on the Anime Expo website or send an email to ADA@anime-expo.org.

Purchasing Accessible Tickets

Visit the Anime Expo website (www.anime-expo.org) or the Anime Expo event homepage on ShowClix to find your event. Go to the event page and view ticket selections. Most general admission events have accommodation for wheelchairs. For events with reserved seating, check the seating chart to note where available ADA and wheelchair seating locations are.

For additional information and/or to submit your ticket request, contact events@anime-expo.org.

Wristband Policy

Event Admission

If a wristband is issued in lieu of a ticket for admission to an event, you will be required to go to Will Call for pick up unless otherwise specified on the event page or order confirmation email. Upon pick-up, a Ticketing representative will immediately apply the wristband. Lost or stolen event wristbands will not be replaced or refunded.

18+ Ticketed Events

Most 18+ Ticketed Events (for example, but not limited to, 18+ Panels, Workshops, and Video Screening Rooms) will require a wristband along with a valid AX Badge. 18+ wristbands can be obtained from either:

  • an Information Services Booth (located in South Hall, 2nd Floor Concourse Hall, West Hall Lobby and Gilbert-Lindsay Plaza outside West Hall),
  • the Ticketing Booth (also located in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza), or
  • Event Operations (West Hall Room 508A).

Only those whose age has been verified by showing a valid government-issued photo ID listing date of birth will be issued a wristband. Wristband must be applied to attendee’s wrist by an Info Services, Event Operations or Ticketing representative.

NOTE: NOT ALL 18+ Events require an 18+ wristband. For 18+ events that do NOT require a wristband, you will be asked to show a valid Government-issued photo ID showing date of birth to Security prior to entry at the door. Please refer to the event page for specific details on what will be required if there is an age restriction.

For events that require an 18+ wristband as well as a ticket for entry during check-in, please note the following:

  • 18+ wristbands can only be applied by an authorized Ticketing, Event Operations or Info Services representative.
  • Refrain from tampering, in any fashion, with wristbands provided for entry or you may be denied entry.
  • You may NOT escort another person under the age of 18 into an 18+ event.

Restrictions and Prohibited Items/Actions

Cameras/Photography Restrictions

Non-professional, non-flash still photography is permitted at most events. However, for some events, at the request of the artist/performer, photos, as well as video/audio, of any type may be

prohibited. For more information as well as policies pertaining to video recording, please refer to the Photography & Video Policy listed in the Main Events Policy For events held at venues outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center (i.e., Microsoft Theater, the Novo, Crypto.com Arena, etc.), please refer to any policies noted on their websites pertaining to Photography & Video Recording.


Per fire marshal code, strollers are not allowed in the seated areas of a venue and cannot block any walkways or aisles. Attendees are encouraged to leave strollers in their vehicles or in the Bag Check area during an event. Limited stroller parking may be available for some event locations, but not guaranteed. Please refer to the event venue’s website for their policy regarding strollers.

Prohibited Items/Actions

The following is a general list of prohibited items for all events held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and JW Marriott and is subject to change:

  • No food or beverages (bottled water is acceptable)
  • No bags that exceed 14” x 14” (i.e., large bags, backpacks, suitcases, etc.)
  • No weapons (i.e., knives, swords, bokken, pepper spray, mace, etc.)
  • No oversized costumes or oversized props (with the exception of Masquerade contestants).
  • No selfie sticks
  • No noise making devices, air horns, whistles
  • No signs, flags or banners
  • No smoking or vaping.
  • No running in the aisles or rows.

Always check the event page for specific policies/information regarding prohibited items or restrictions as well as the website for any outside venues Anime Expo events may be hosted at (i.e., Microsoft Theater, the Novo, etc.).

Doors Open & Close Policy

Door opening times are generally 30 minutes prior to the start of the show for all Maid Café, Butler Café, After Hours and Escape Game shows.  Door opening times for all other shows/concerts is 60 minutes prior to the start of the show but can vary according to the event.  Therefore, it is recommended that you check the event page and your ticket for specific information regarding when doors will open for your event AND ticket type.

Door closing times are always when the event is scheduled to start.  Please check the event page to confirm the following:

  • Maid Café, Butler Café and After Hours: Once doors close, no late arrivals will be admitted.  No refunds or exchanges for missed show.
  • Concerts/Special Events/Masquerade: Once doors close, late arrivals may continue to be admitted until a designated time or may be held in the entryway until intermission.  No refunds or exchanges for arrivals after the designated cutoff time.

Re-Entry Policy

Anime Expo has a “No Re-Entry” policy for ALL ticketed events. Attendees who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle, store an item in a locker, or need to exit and re-enter due to a personal emergency must first contact either a Ticketing or Front of House Manager to make necessary arrangements.

Ticket Re-Sale

To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen or voided tickets, attendees should make all their purchases through SPJA/Anime Expo authorized websites only.

The resale of tickets (“scalping”) is against the law and will not be permitted.  Reselling online will result in badge and ticket(s) being cancelled without refund.   Scalping/ reselling onsite, in or around the Los Angeles Convention Center or LA Live area, is prohibited and strictly enforced

Los Angeles Municipal Code. 42.03 states:  “No person in or upon any public street, sidewalk, or other public place shall sell or re-sell or offer to sell or resell any ticket of admission to a place of public assemblage.  No person in or upon any place which is open to the public shall sell or re-sell or offer to sell or re-sell any ticket of admission to a place of public assemblage.”

For general support related to tickets/wristbands sold and/or distributed by Anime Expo®, check out the Anime Expo Help Center or contact events@anime-expo.org.

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