We are excited to welcome Baby Doll Tokyo, galaxxxy, and Listen Flavor to the Anime Expo 2017 Fashion Show!

  • Date: Sunday, July 2
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Room: LACC\Live Programming (Petree Hall)
  • For information about lining up and room entry, please see the Program Room Policies.
Brand Profiles

Baby Doll Tokyo

For the past 16 years, Baby Doll Tokyo helped pioneer the modern culture of corsets in Japan. Under the direction of designer of Baby Doll Tokyo, Mirano Midorikawa opened her first store in Harajuku and was among the first to produce originally designed bodysuits and corsets. In the media, Baby Doll Tokyo’s extraordinary work has been featured in various collaborations including the 2015 horror film Strange Circus along with stage costumes for high-profile celebrities such as Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki and Lady Gaga.

Hiroto Kuwahara, who is known for his skills in facial mapping in the film industry, will provide make-up for Baby Doll Tokyo. Models Tsunamayo and RIE will also be representing the cosplay culture and fetish scene of Shinjuku respectively. Revolving around the theme of “The City of Tokyo and My Boudoir”, the show this year will showcase the ever-changing landscape of Tokyo with special emphasis on the upcoming 2020 Olympics. Please enjoy the show through the vision of Baby Doll Tokyo.

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Official Website: http://babydolltokyo.com/


galaxxxy is a Japanese Harajuku fashion brand, influenced by a scattered virtual world of past and future music, anime, streetwear, and net culture. Founded in 2008 by Hiromi Kishii, galaxxxy has grown to be a beloved brand in the J-Fashion world, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, anime, manga & video gaming. Now galaxxxy is spreading outside Japan, with the goal of sharing our fun, colorful, and energetic world with everyone across the globe!

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Official Website: http://galaxxxyrocks.com/

Listen Flavor

In 2006, LISTEN FLAVOR was born in order to deliver a lot of “Kawaii” to the girls around the world from Harajuku where fashion conscious young generation gather. Since then, the brand has kept influenced and inspired by a variety of pop cultures surrounding Harajuku such as video games, animations and manga. And brand’s “Kawaii” philosophy fused with those pop cultures finally has become the one and only fashion style. Now the brand has grown and is loved by fans of Japanese “Kawaii” culture around the world. Past collaborations include the Danganronpa series, SHOW BY ROCK!!, and various Sanrio characters.

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Official Website: http://listenflavor.com/


Anime Expo will run from July 1 through July 4, 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with Pre-Show Night on June 30, 2017. To purchase passes for Anime Expo, please visit http://www.anime-expo.org/registration/

For more information about attending, please visit http://www.anime-expo.org/registration-help/

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.
  • You must be available to attend the following:
    • One model training before July that will be about 2-4 hours.
    • Friday, July 1st from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM for model fittings and rehearsal.
    • Saturday, July 2nd from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM for hair, makeup, dress rehearsal, and the fashion show itself.
    • *Note: We cannot make accommodations for anyone who cannot commit to the aboce required attendance. Please do not apply if you are unable to make any of the above requests.
  • Must be able to bring your own shoes to rehearsal and show day. We will give you details on what style of shoes to bring.
  • If you apply and model for us, there is an expectation that you act in a professional manner with our guests, staff, volunteers, and other models.
  • You will be changing clothes in front of other models, so please wear appropriate undergarments (neutral or nude color is preferred, especially for show day).
  • You will be required to provide your own food/snacks/drinks. Leaving the premises on show day is not permitted, so plan accordingly.